Asgard, to Sweden, to Scotland, to Ireland, to America. That’s the bloodline of Trent Anderson… Me. Absorbed in astrology and mythology since the fifth grade and interested in languages and world religions, I am an imaginative Christian Universalist with an aspiration to be an ancient history teacher. Since the seventh grade, I have labored over a fictional world that started as a school project and I have progressed into an exploding stick of Aquarian imagination and a melting pot of history, culture, languages, and religions. This world is Terrapaxus, the Universal Empire. In this blog, I’ll share the dreams, thought processes, and philosophies that led to the birth of the Universal Empire.

As a proud young man with the boiling blood of a Viking, the pink-toned skin of a Scot, and the sharp wit of an Irishman, I dare you to come with me into the sea of my imagination.


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