*the trumpets blare in all of their glory, announcing the arrival of…* THE OLLAM!!!

BENVENUTI MIEI AMICI! It is time to begin having some fun in designing your world! The first two things we are to start with, as I listed in my previous post titled “You are a Writer in a Sandbox” (check it out under the Beginnings category), are the inhabitants and the government.

To reiterate, they can all be human, all beast, or a hodgepodge of both. Yes of course, one could go straight for the usual elves, wizards, dragons, dwarves, and the other stereotypical myriad of creatures. Keep in mind, however, this little array of fictional creations is small, and I mean small!

The kinds of government are endless. The most common in literature are monarchies, tribalism, and totalitarianism. However, many governments are not completely within the definitions. One can say that the United States was made federalist-democratic republic, but it has evolved to include obvious aspects of netocracy, corporatocracy, bankocracy, and plutocracy (rule by social connections, large corporations, large banks, and the rich, respectively).

Anyone here in the U.S., and I am assuming you guys in other countries are/were told by your teachers: DON’T USE WIKIPEDIA FOR RESEARCH. My friends, here is a suggestion… Go against that. Use Wikipedia. But once you find what you were searching for, search for it across the Internet. This page below has been a literal lifeboat for me in finding new creatures.




Below are pieces from my fictional world’s history to give you an idea.

The Chronicle Omnibus, Branch II, Chapter 1:

Ylillyz Bambinyfh dellaz Terras (Children of the Earth)

Dyaonnipotentykh created every creature when the Feng Grove of Heligask Trees was planted, and placed them within each universe. However, when the Fourth Age of Man came to an end, Dyao removed the now-called supernatural creatures and placed them in the Realms of each Tree. Such creatures would slip out from time to time, and near the end of the Sixth Age, they were released into the worlds. The Diabolic Supernaturals began to take power, and the Light Supernaturals were recalled. The Final Age began and the Diabolics were locked away in the Infernal Realms of the Heligaskar until the Second Advent of the Messiah.

The Master of the Creatures was Mankind, but after the Sixth Age, the Supernaturals lived independently and peacefully alongside Mankind. The most amazing of creatures were among the assortment, such as Sleipnar, Garudas, Bradáns, Qilins, and Heidhrúns.


The Chronicle Omnibus, Branch II, Chapter 2, Part A, Piece i:

Iloz Cavallimm Tuttopadrimm A.K.A. Sleipnar

From Google Images - Media Cache
An Allfather Horse

This is an illustration of an Allfather Horse, a descendant of Sleipnir, the Steed of Odhinn Allfather. They are usually grey in color, and have the ability to fly despite having no wings. Their spirits can be described like blue fire and lightning, but extremely cold, and their spirits can be seen on their bodies through the eyes and in the form of hoof sleeves, hair markings, and strangely geometric birthmarks. A gust of cold wind is actually the passing of an Allfather Horse, and the phenomenon of St. Elmo’s Fire is the result of a point being struck by a hoof. Two other phenomena caused by Allfather Horses are Mammatus clouds and the Hessdalen Lights.


The Chronicle Omnibus, Branch III, Chapter 1:

The Government of The Empire

The Empire of Terrapaxus spans the globe and is governed as a democratic-federalist autocratic monarchy. The supreme leader is the Their Most Serene Imperial Eminences the Emperor and Empress. They are to be succeeded by Their Gracious Imperial Excellencies the Prince and Princess, and then Their Gracious Imperial Excellencies the Imperial Knight and Dame.

The Empire is broken into twelve kingdoms ruled by Their Royal Majesties The Kings and Queens, and they will be succeeded by Their Royal Majesties the Viceroys and Vicereines, and then Their Royal Majesties the Royal Knights and Dames.

Each Kingdom is broken in Duchies, led by Their Ducal Highnesses The Dukes and Duchesses, to be succeeded by Their Ducal Highnesses The Marquesses and Marchionesses, and the Their Ducal Highnesses The Ducal Knights and Dames.

This is the monarchic aspect. Now the democratic aspect.

Each municipality after the duchy is broken as such until it is a city or a shire:

Duchy -> County -> Satrapy -> Province -> Prefecture -> District -> City/Shire

The cities are led by a single mayor, while a shire, being within a district but without a city, is ruled by a yearly elected local council.


Believe me, there is SO much more I could go on about, but I do not want to ramble. There is too much stuff to talk about! There is your little rocket launcher for success when building your world. Albeit, I did say that the sixth and seventh things to do are write the history and the story, but to be honest, if you feel as though you need to do this first in order to get started, do it! Writing is not like coloring in the lines in a coloring book. Branch out.

Good bye my little sapling writers, and happy writing and thinking!

– The Ollam

Sleipnir Pic by Media Cache, taken from Google Images

Crown picture by David Liuzzo, Wikimedia (Consort Crown of Empress Eugénie de Montijo)


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