It’s….. THE OLLAM! *blasts John Cena theme music*

What’s up guys! I’m back and it’s time to give you a little sneak peak into the future of your mythical world: The story! Sooo… What is a Story? By definition, a story is “an account of imaginary or real people and events told for entertainment.” (Thanks, Google!) I will be very honest, I am still writing the story for my world. Well, technically, I’m working on the details, but I got the basics down…

My friends, the basics of a story of any kind are Characters, Conflict, Setting, Plot, and Theme. Below is a little video that has been a good reminder for what I need to put into my writings:

Many thanks to my man Flocab! So yea, that is what you need! “Plot! Character! Conflict! Theme! Setting! Yes, these are the five things that ya gonna be needing when you’re reading or writing a short story, that’s mad exciting!”


Now, we’re going to return to the classic Lord of the Rings.

Here is a way to get a sense of everything you just figured out: identify the stuff in the book series.

Plot (More So Of A Summary):

Frodo, a little hobbit, must go with his friends to destroy a ring in the Kingdom of Mordor. They go through many challenges together, such as facing the Orc Army, being separated, and being followed by the weirdo half-hobbit creature Gollum.

Characters (Just The Main Ones):

Frodo, great-nephew or something of Bilbo, the hobbit hero from The Hobbit.

Samwise Gamgee, Frodo’s BFF

Gandalf the Grey, a second-class wizard that tasked Frodo with the ring’s destruction.

Gollum, a hobbit that discovered the ring and kept ahold of it, which drove him crazy and made him into a disgusting erebophilic creature.


The One Ring must be destroyed to defeat Sauron. Simple as that.


Hell If I Know! There are a good five or six themes!

Setting: Middle-Earth, a continental mass that is based on the Norse mythological realm of Miðgarðr.


If you wish, I can share the story elements of my mythical story, but not now… I must build the suspense. Don’t worry; one day, you will read an excerpt one day.

Next week, I will be sharing with you the steps to building creating the inhabitants of your world. Happy Writing!

In the words of the Writing Goddess (my Creative Writing teacher), go out into the world, do good deeds, think great thoughts, and be the best versions of yourselves!

– The Ollam

Video Creds: Flocabulary (


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